13 Października - Reading, 14 Października - Londyn/Balham

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Płyta Amen

"Gdy Anioł"

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York - czerwiec 2018

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"AMEN - AdoraMus Immigrants for the Highest (God)" is a group of people, who took on the challenge, in the spirit of joy; of singing and playing to the glory of God. The group is predominantly composed of non-professional but very wiling and enthusiastic musicians, with a wide range of experiences, ages and professions. The members come from many different places in the UK from Bath, through London, up to Lincoln. The thing that they have in common is a passion for music to which they are devoting their commitment, energy and time.

The worship concerts are gradually maturing and developing into a specific community experience, based on Christian values and tradition. This identity involves integrating our music with British background, reality and culture. The group is also developing its’ musical talents – supported by distinguished musicians from Poland and lead by the well-known instrumentalist and composer Roman Licznerski.

It is our belief that our greatest achievements should be offered to the glory of God for his inconceivable goodness, this musical community is filled by a real joy, warmth and authenticity. This comes from the passion of playing and singing whilst also aiming to achieve to the highest artistic level.

AMEN’s repertoire spans Christian music and Carols; and original compositions. Each piece is orchestrated into modern arrangements, linking the elements of sacredmusic with classical and modern pop; all in an unique and inspirational style. The author and arranger of most of the repertoire is Roman Licznerski, but AMEN also performs songs written by Marek Podkowa, distinguished arranger and jazz saxophonist.

There are other professional musicians supporting the group, belonging to outstanding music institutions, well known philharmonic orchestras, operas and big-bands.

The concerts of AMEN group take their listeners on an emotional journey, through sharing joy and encouraging the audience to reflect on the dilemmas of modern life which are so familiar to everybody who is wandering and looking for their own path to God.

Every year the group is aiming to visit a new place, presenting its musical mission. In the last few months AMEN has performed in London, Derby, Peterborough, Laxton Hall, Reading, Leicester, Bath, Hull and York. During May’s concert tour 2016, the group was accompanied by Mateusz Ziólko – the winner of the Voice of Poland 2013 and in following concerts - Marcin Jajkiewicz, known from Polish edition of Name that tune.

In December 2016 AMEN released an album of Christmas carols When Angel that has achieved popularity amongst the Polish community in England.

In July 2018 AMEN performed at the Third National Festival of Christian Creativity ALLELUJA means Happy Day in Kielce (Poland), won first place and received Crystal Barge in the competition for Christian themed original song.